Course Overview

September Semester

Module 1

Information Security Architecture

Module 2

Cryptography & Protocols


January Semester

Module 1

Security Architecture
Course Level
Course Credit
Course Contact
9 Months
20 Credits
Special Purpose Award
Dr. Hazel Murray
EU €2,800/ Non EU €4000

Programme Descriptor

Designed to provide the experienced Systems Architect with the cybersecurity skills needed to design Secure IT Systems.

This pathway provides in-depth knowledge of cryptographical algorithms and protocols providing the learner with detailed knowledge in order to assess the correct type and usage of cryptography.


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Yes, it is a fully online part-time course.

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This course is for experienced systems architects to enhance their skills with the knowledge to design systems ensuring their security. Ideally candidates will posess an honours degree in computing or in a cognate area (STEM). A minimum of 3 years systems architecture experience is required. Candidates who do not hold a computing degree and are currently working in a Systems Architect role may be considered based on relevant academic qualifications or extensive work experience.

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