State of the Cyber Security Sector in Ireland 2022 has been independently commissioned on behalf of Cyber Ireland and Cyber Skills, led by Perspective Economics.

It outlines the size and make-up of Ireland’s cyber security sector, assessing its economic contribution to Ireland’s economy, in addition to benchmarking and exploring potential sectoral opportunities

Cyber security has become one of the main concerns for Europe’s governments, organisations and citizens and the future development, opportunities and barriers to growth for Ireland’s cyber security sector must be taken in the context of the EU’s strategy and ambitions in cyber security. The Cyber Security Sector Report estimates that the sector is growing (with respect to the workforce) in Ireland by a similar magnitude to international growth, at a rate of 10%+ per annum. Based on the current baseline estimates, Ireland’s cyber security cluster could support up to €2.5bn in annual GVA and the employment of over 17,000 cyber security professionals in the sector by 2030, if the right environment and supports are in place.

Cyber Security Sector Report

Cyber Sector

Key Findings Infographic Sector Analysis Report 2022