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13 Weeks
Dr. George O'Mahony
EU €1400/Non-EU €2,000
80% subsidy available for EU students.

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Security Penetration Testing & Analysis


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Evasion & Defense Analysis Descriptor




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This module will utilize purple teaming to develop evasion and detection skills to maximize the cyber capabilities of the learner. The module's red team approach will provide the learner with defense evasion skills that consists of techniques that adversaries use to avoid detection throughout their compromise. This module's blue team approach will use data collected from a variety of cyber defense tools to analyze, detect, and prevent modern-day techniques that are deployed to bypass security tools and professionals. On successful competition, the learner will have the skills and knowledge required to conduct penetration testing in highly secured networks and identify these evasion approaches through data analysis.

Lecturer: Dr. George O'Mahony




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