Cyber Security Roles

08 Dec, 2021

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Being a cyber security expert brings an array of career opportunities across a wide variety of industries. There is not one path to a career in cyber security and the reality is cyber security professionals can have different working backgrounds and levels of education. What they do have in common is an understanding of technology and the need to protect and keep networks, data and information secure in the digital age.

We have picked 5 cyber security job roles that are currently in-demand by multiple industries. Cyber Skills provide pathways and micro credentials that will up skill you in the following areas and we ensure that you receive the exact training needed to fulfil these roles and enhance your career.

Security Architect - The key responsibility of a security architect is to establish and maintain the cyber safety of a business’s systems. They are key to the security of an organisation translating real world conditions such as laws and regulations into technical solutions keeping the systems Cyber Secure.

Cyber Security Analyst – Examines data from multiple disparate sources with the goal of providing security and privacy insight. Designs and implements custom algorithms, workflow processes, and layouts for complex, enterprise-scale data sets used for modelling, data mining, and research purposes.

Network Security Engineer –Security engineers occupy a technical role inside a company or organisation. It is their job to plan, implement, and operate network services/systems, to include hardware and virtual environments.

Digital Forensics Uses data collected from a variety of cyber defence tools to analyse events that occur within their environments for the purposes of mitigating threats. Conducts detailed investigations on computer-based crimes establishing documentary or physical evidence, to include digital media and logs associated with cyber intrusion incidents.

Secure Software Developer – All developers need to be security aware while designing and  developing software components to ensure the security of data and any third party systems. Security assurance is also key area to their job to validate all components combine to make a secure system.


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