A Safer Digital Landscape for Charitable Organisations – a Cybersecurity Risk Management course for Charity Board Members and Trustees.

28 Jul, 2023

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Equip Charity Board Members and Trustees with the tools to confidently identify the cybersecurity risks that their charity is exposed to and provide tools to govern and manage those risks.

Did you know that charity boards are responsible under the Governance Code to consider and actively reduce the risks faced by their organisation, including cybersecurity risk? Boardmatch Ireland and Cyber Skills have created a groundbreaking training course titled "Cyber Risk Management for Charity Boards." This innovative course, held online and delivered by lecturer Gilian O’Carroll, equips board members with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand the cyber risks facing their organisations and how to mitigate these risks in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This joint initiative aims to address the growing concern of cyber threats faced by charitable organizations. Boardmatch, a pioneering Irish charity specialising in board recruitment for non-profit organizations, seamlessly matches individuals keen to volunteer their time and skills at the board level with charities and non-profits seeking qualified board members.

The "Cyber Risk Management for Charity Boards" course spans three hours of comprehensive online training, expertly crafted by Cyber Skills. Attendees of the course gain a wealth of valuable insights and practical strategies to safeguard their charities against cyber threats.

The primary objective of the course is to provide a thorough understanding of the principal cyber risks confronting charities while empowering board members with actionable steps to mitigate these risks effectively. Topics covered during the course included:

-Analysing the Board's Role in Managing Cyber Risk: Participants explores the specific roles and responsibilities of board members and trustees in addressing cyber risks, drawing references from the Governance Code, the Charities Regulator, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

-Fostering a Positive Cyber Culture: Recognising the significance of cultivating a cyber-aware culture within charities, the course emphasises the role of board members in instilling best cybersecurity practices throughout the organization.

- Managing Risks Associated with Third-Party Suppliers: Participants delve into the potential risks posed by third-party suppliers and learn how to evaluate and manage these risks effectively.

- Responding to Cyber Incidents: The course equips participants with the knowledge to understand the necessary steps to take in the event of a cyber incident, ensuring a swift and appropriate response to safeguard a charity’s interests.

- Reviewing the 'Top 10 Tips for a Cyber Secure Charity': Board members and trustees are presented with a concise and actionable checklist of the top ten cybersecurity tips tailored specifically for charitable organisations.

 Donna O’Shea, Chair of Cybersecurity at Munster Technological University, expressed her delight with the course's reach and impact, highlighting the importance of educating board members about their critical responsibilities in cybersecurity. She said, "Well done to the Cyber Skills team on this important course. Boards have an important responsibility when it comes to cybersecurity, and this course informs them of this responsibility. #cybersecurity"

Susan Colgan, Communications Officer from Boardmatch, couldn't contain her enthusiasm, lauding the course's content and delivery. She said, "I thought the content of the course was great! I especially loved the use of polls and videos. It was also great that you were able to present content which can be a bit daunting to beginners in a really accessible way. I am already receiving emails from attendees with their thanks and with really positive feedback."

One attendee, for instance, remarked that the course had been remarkably informative and beneficial in raising their awareness of cybersecurity responsibilities. They expressed newfound confidence in asking the right questions to ensure robust defences against potential cyber-attacks.

With the resounding success of the inaugural course, Boardmatch and Cyber Skills have already set their sights on another edition planned for Autumn 2023. This unique opportunity to enhance board members' cybersecurity knowledge and fortify the defences of charitable organisations against cyber threats should not be missed.

Stay tuned for updates and secure your spot in the next "Cyber Risk Management for Charity Boards" course to foster a safer digital landscape for the philanthropic sector!


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