Our goal is to improve the cyber-safety of vulnerable members of society through the development of tailored and accessible security guidance.  

Our challenge is to ensure that minority groups are not more vulnerable to cyber-attacks because of a difference in ability. Any engagement with technology requires appropriate ‘cyber hygiene’ measures. In the Creating Our Future report, mitigating the digital divide in society, and in particular for older people, was a core concern to citizens. Our challenge is to provide vulnerable populations with the guidance to allow them to interact securely and confidently in our increasingly digital world. 

Why older adults?

Older adults report needing technological help and are also the cohort most at risk and apprehensive of cyber-attack. Older adults’ internet usage has increased between 2005 and 2015 by 107%. In addition, during the Covid pandemic internet usage in older adults increased from 71% to 79%. However, many older adults venture into cyberspace without the requisite skills on how to protect themselves against cyber-attacks and that makes them very vulnerable to those types of attacks. With increasing digitalisation of key government services, older people need access to technology. A survey by the charity Alone showed that 81% of Irish people believe their older relatives would have a better quality of life if they had improved digital skills.  Internet usage positively impacts elderly people’s wellbeing but only if they know how to use it safely. Download our report to learn more: Cyber Safety Concept Summary

Want to work with us?

We are interested in partnering with Local enterprise offices, small and medium size businesses, cybersecurity companies and consultants and government agencies among others.

The project team: 

A National Challenge Fund: Cyber Safety project, funded by:  


Contact us on cyber-advice@cyberskills.ie to get involved.